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IDEMIA (Morpho) Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Readers

Integrating the advanced biometric algorithms and sensor technologies of IDEMIA fingerprint and facial recognition readers with C•CURE 9000 security and event management system enhances security for sensitive, high-traffic environments where convenience, speed and security are a priority. The readers integrate with C•CURE 9000 using MorphoManager, and quickly and accurately identify users with a touch of a finger, wave of a hand or scan of a face.

MorphoWave Compact

  • Contactless biometric access solution for indoor/outdoor, door or gate mounting
  • Touchless 3D technology: easily copes with dry, wet and damaged fingers, no latent prints (secure and hygienic)
  • Captures and matches 4 fingerprints with a single hand movement in less than 1 second
  • 1:N (biometric only up to 100,000 users) or 1:1 matching using biometric, card and/or PIN user identification
  • Ideal for high throughput and high security applications – up to 50 users per minute

MorphoAccess Sigma

  • Fast 1:100,000 identification
  • Tablet-like user experience
  • Anti-fraud: fake finger & face detection, duress finger
  • Full set of contactless technologies including NFC
  • IP65 rated design

MorphoAccess Sigma Lite

  • 1:10,000 user identification in 1 second
  • High capacity: 30,000 templates, 250,000 IDs in authorized user list, 1 Million logs
  • Anti-fraud features: fake finger detection and duress finger
  • Prox®, iCLASS® or MIFARE®/DESFire®/NFC contactless card reader as an option
  • Specifically designed to equip narrow mounting surfaces
  • IP65 rated and vandal resistant (IK08) for the Extreme version


  • Advanced 2D+3D+infrared camera set and field-proven facial recognition algorithms
  • 1:40,000 user identification in 1 second, up to 30 users per minute
  • Efficient in all light conditions (strong light to complete obscurity)
  • Works with everyone : 47.25 – 86.62 in (120 – 220 cm) height and all skin colors
  • Resistant to spoofing attempts by presentation of photo or 3D mask
  • Prox®, iCLASS® or MIFARE®/DESFire®/NFC contactless card reader as an option
  • IP65 and IK07

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