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C•CURE IQ Security Client

C•CURE IQ Security Client is our browser-based client formally called C•CURE 9000 web-based client. Built on a cybersecure web platform, C•CURE IQ lets you manage and monitor access control and video surveillance from anywhere in the world. With its adaptive interface, every user from front-desk reception to security operations management gets the information they need when they need it. Along with native video surveillance for live monitoring and forensic search, C•CURE IQ optimizes security operation from a single, intuitive platform.

C•CURE IQ enables you to easily perform everyday security tasks such as managing personnel records, assigning clearances and monitoring video tours. Alarm monitoring is adaptive with a variety of visually dynamic event viewing options for proactive response to critical security risks. React to incidents with investigative workflows including video search, event log and video clip exports. C•CURE IQ is built for VideoEdge NVRs, enabling superior live monitoring, smart streaming, forensic search workflows increasing situational awareness for security operators.

C•CURE IQ Security Intelligence
In a world increasingly overwhelmed by data, security operations are not exempt. Large enterprises can find themselves submerged in hundreds of millions of alarms annually – an avalanche of information beyond the management capabilities of any team. This can lead to critical events getting buried, directly impacting business operations and overall security. C•CURE IQ Security Intelligence addresses this exact challenge, built exclusively for C•CURE IQ browser-based client. Sifting through the vast amount of data and ensuring only the vital alarms are prioritized. By delivering discernible outcomes, Security Intelligence dramatically elevates operational efficiency and reduces the time taken to respond to pivotal events.

  • Access C•CURE IQ from any workstation or tablet with an internet browser
  • Streamlined and intuitive icon-driven user interface for an enhanced user experience
  • Configure, view and manage personnel records and credentials then assign clearances quickly and easily with an adaptive interface
  • Simplify the appearance of the UI with pre-configured or custom layouts, tailored specifically to the roles and responsibility of your security operations staff
  • Native video surveillance, ensuring optimized and comprehensive security operation from a single, intuitive platform
  • Optimized for VideoEdge NVR to unlock superior live monitoring, smart streaming and forensic search workflows
  • Smoothly transition from light to dark mode themes to reduce light reflection for optimal viewing in a dark environment

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