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Access Control + Event Management
C•CURE 9000
C•CURE 9000 Security + Event Management
C•CURE 9000 Enterprise
C•CURE 9000 SiteServer
C•CURE 9000 Visitor Management
C•CURE 9000 Access Management
Frictionless Access Control
  Alcatraz AI Rock
  StoneLock GO Facial Recognition Reader
High Assurance Solution
  High Assurance Security Solution
Web + Mobile Apps
  C•CURE IQ Security Client
  C•CURE Go Mobile
  C•CURE Go Reader
  C•CURE Go Install
  Duo Mobile
Unified Security
  victor Unified Management System
Advanced Reporting
  Business Intelligence Reporting Suite
  Tyco Visual Intelligence
C•CURE ID Badging Solutions
  C•CURE ID Badging Software
  Videology Photo Identity USB Cameras
  Badging Printers
Integrated Solutions
  Biometric Cards
American Dynamics HDVR
American Dynamics Intellex
American Dynamics VideoEdge NVR
3VR VisionPoint™ VMS
Avigilon Control Center
Bosch VRM
Digifort NVR
DVTel® Latitude
Genetec Omnicast
Genetec Security Center
March Networks
Milestone XProtect
NICE® NiceVision
OnSSI Ocularis
Pelco Video Servers –
Endura, Digital Sentry, DX
Salient Systems CompleteView™
Sony Network Surveillance Recorders
Verint Nextiva
VideoIQ iCVR
Xtralis FastTrace 2
DSC PowerSeries
Sur-Gard SG-System IV
Bosch Conettix Receivers
Honeywell Galaxy Dimension
  Alarm Management
Visitor Management
Building Intelligence Inc. SV3®
Quantum Secure SAFE
StopWare™ PassagePoint
Fire Alarm Management
Simplex 4100 U/ES Fire Alarm Panels
MZX Fire Alarm Panel
Business Continuity/Redundancy
Stratus everRun and SplitSite
Stratus everRun Extend
  Credential Validation
Elevator Control
Otis Elevator Compass™
ThyssenKrupp Destination
KONE Polaris
Schindler PORT Technology
Commend GE Series
Aiphone AN-8000EX
Lynx Notification Systems
  Standard Interface Communication
Asset Management
Deister proxSafe
  RaySecur MailSecur Solution
Asset Management
Morse Watchmans' KeyWatcher Touch
Physical Security Information Management
Proximex Surveillint™
Fortem Omnipresence
Network Harbor LightHouse™
VidSys RiskShield
Advancis WinGuard
NICE Situator
Real-Time Location System
GuardRFID Argus AllGuard
Stanley Healthcare® MobileView
  License/Number Plate Recognition
Building Automation
C•CURE Building Management System
Door Controllers + Modules
iSTAR Controllers
iSTAR Ultra G2
iSTAR Edge G2
iSTAR Ultra G2 SE
iSTAR Ultra
iSTAR Ultra SE
iSTAR Ultra LT
iSTAR Edge
I/O Modules + Accessories
IP-ACM v2 Ethernet Door Module
RM-4 Reader Module
Input/Output Modules
Power Supplies
PSX Power Solutions
Readers + Exit Devices
High Assurance Smart Card Readers
Cheetah SE and SE Bio High Assurance Smart Card Readers
Cheetah High Assurance Smart Card Reader
Rhino High Assurance Smart Card Reader
Identiv Government Readers
Biometric Readers
Alcatraz AI Rock
IrisAccess™ iCAM 7S Series
IDEMIA (Morpho) Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Readers
IdentyTech Solutions™ Palm Vein and Fingerprint Readers
StoneLock GO Facial Recognition Reader
Suprema Biometric Readers with BioConnect Integration Platform
Touchscreen Readers
TST-100 Touchscreen Terminal
Multi-Technology Readers
HID® Signo™ Readers
Software House Multi-Technology Readers
  WaveLynx Technologies Ethos® Readers
  RM Series Readers
  SALTO Offline Locks
Smart Card Readers
ASSA ABLOY IP-enabled Locks
ASSA ABLOY Aperio Locks
Schlage Locks and Locksets
Schlage Electronic Locks
Schlage NDE & LE Wireless Locks
  Best® Wi-Q Wireless Locks
Proximity Readers
Software House Multi-Format
Indala FlexPass™
  Long Range Readers
  Scramble Keypad
Exit Control Devices
T.Rex Exit Detector
Hand-E-Wave Touchless Microwave Switch
Readers + Exit Devices
With choices ranging from proximity and Wiegand to smart card and biometric, Software House offers a reader for any level of security required.
High Assurance Smart Card Readers High Assurance Smart Card Readers
High Assurance Smart Card Readers provide strong identity authentication that meets or exceeds the U.S. Government's FIPS-201 / PIV and SP800-116 credential authentication standards.

Biometric Readers Biometric Readers
Biometric readers add a greater level of security by identifying people by a specific biological characteristic or trait such as a fingerprint or iris.

Touchscreen Readers Touchscreen Readers
With choices ranging from proximity and Wiegand to smart card and biometric, and now a touchscreen, Software House offers a reader for any environment and level of security required.

Multi-Technology Readers Multi-Technology Readers
Multi-Technology Readers provide the ability to read multiple smart card technologies and most of the common proximity cards simultaneously.

WaveLynx Technologies Ethos® Readers and Credentials WaveLynx Technologies Ethos® Readers and Credentials
WaveLynx Technologies Ethos Readers provide seamless transition paths from legacy physical credentials to highly secure smart cards or mobile credentials.

Software House RM Series Card Readers Software House RM Series Card Readers
Software House RM Card readers are designed and constructed to provide a wide variety of configuration options, yet maintain a consistent appearance with its universal design.

SALTO Offline Locks SALTO Offline Locks
Offline Locks are ideal for interior doors that require a moderate level of security, such as storage and office areas. These locks can be used when the cost of a fully wired door is not justified since no cabling is required.

Smart Card Readers Smart Card Readers
Smart Card readers provide a much higher level of security than standard proximity or magnetic stripe readers. Software House offers a full suite of smart card readers to fit your unique needs.

ASSA ABLOY Wireless locksets provide a versatile, cost-effective wireless access control solution designed for constantly changing security requirements.

 Schlage Locks and Locksets
Software House offers a variety of Schlage electronic and wireless locks (AD-Series, NDE, LE) from Allegion that provide a cost-effective and scalable access solution for a wide range of environments.

Best® Wi-Q™ Wireless Locks Integration Best® Wi-Q™ Wireless Locks Integration
Best® Wi-Q locks from Dormakaba Group are fast and reliable, consuming less energy than many other wireless systems on the market. With triple redundant storage of transactional data provided at the reader, gateway, and host, Wi-Q Technology guarantees that door access is controlled even during power failures.

C•CURE 9000 integrates with BEST SHELTER Lockdown, providing a responsive lockdown solution that can be configured to adapt to your building and security protocol.

Proximity Card Readers Proximity Card Readers
Software House offers a wide range of proximity readers compatible with the leading proximity card brands including HID®.

Nedap® AVI Long Range Identification System Nedap® AVI Long Range Identification System
The Nedap® AVI system is a long range microwave identification system that features automatic identification of vehicles from distances up to 10 m (33 ft) and integrates with C•CURE system.

Scramble Keypad Scramble Keypad
Schlage® SERIII-W Scramble Keypad is a unique keypad reader designed to prevent onlookers from detecting the PIN being entered.

Exit Control Devices Exit Control Devices
Software House provides exit control devices that detect movement and de-activates the locking mechanism. These devices can be used for added security, or for touchless activation to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products may vary from photos. Not all products include all features. Availability varies by region; contact your Regional Sales Manager.
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