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G2-RM-4E Door Control Module

The G2-RM-4E module allows distributed control of an access control door for distances up to 4,000 ft / 1,200 m from the iSTAR controller. Featuring up to 4 supervised inputs and 3 wet/dry selectable outputs, the G2-RM-4E simplifies field wiring for even the more advanced door installations.

The G2-RM-4E Door Module can be provided as a board-only, or, when provided in a UL listed, tamper-protected metal enclosure, it is called the G2-RM-DCM-2. The G2-RM-DCM-2 provides standby power with an optional Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery and is designed to support up to two G2-RM-4Es and a choice of up to two I8 input boards or R8 output boards in RM Mode, providing a single enclosure for doors with IN and OUT readers. Note that when used in OSDP mode, a single G2-RM-4E can support a door with IN and OUT readers, since the readers are configured as separately addressed OSDP devices, i.e. the G2-RM-4E is address 1, the IN reader is address 2, and the OUT reader is address 3 on an RS-485 comm port from the ISTAR controller.

OSDP and RM Mode
G2-RM-4E modules have the unique flexibility of working in 2 different modes: RM mode for backwards compatibility with the Software House “RM” protocol, and OSDP mode for enhanced security, all in a single board. When in OSDP mode you can take advantage of secure channel communications featuring AES-128 encryption, firmware download, configurable supervised inputs, and the ability to control an entry/exit door using a single G2-RM-4E.
  • Cost Effective Wiring - Full-featured local door control module lowers wiring costs & reduces installation time
  • Distributed I/O for One Door - Lower wiring costs by keeping it local.Up to 4 supervised inputs, 3 outputs in a compact door module
  • Status LEDs on inputs and outputs for flexible control and troubleshooting.
  • Versatile Communication - Choice of OSDP* Secure Channel or Software House “RM” via onboard dip switch.
  • Plug-in screw terminals and built-in tamper switch provides secure and efficient installation
  • Flexible Output Wiring Choices - Additional internal connections support magnetic lock features and accommodate local bypass switch.
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