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C•CURE 9000 Upgrade Center
IMPORTANT: Read Before Upgrading to C•CURE 9000 Version 3.0
  • You can upgrade your system directly to C•CURE 9000 v3.0 from the following versions: v2.90 or v2.80. The same HostID value will be used.
  • You can now obtain your licenses online prior to upgrading from the following paths:
    • 2.80 to 3.0
    • 2.90 to 3.0
  • Introducing the new C•CURE 9000 HostIDFile tool. This is a standalone tool that can generate an XML file for the version and installation type you will be upgrading to. The generated XML can be submitted on our registration page
    A PRODUCT under the Support tab to obtain the upgrade license.
    C•CURE 9000 HostID screen
  • The HostIDFile tool can generate XML files from version 2.30 and greater. If you are upgrading from versions prior to 2.80 to 3.0 it is recommended to email the XML files to licensing because the HostIDs are different.
  • The tool will also generate HostIDs (no XML) for versions 2.01 to 2.20. For Software Downloads please go
  • For any other license issue or inquiry please send email to
Prior to any upgrade of C•CURE 9000 please visit the "Software House Connected" Compatibility Matrix to confirm that the existing "Software House Connected" partner integrations for your license are compatible with v3.0.

Identify your Warranty/Software Support Agreement (SSA) expiration date. You can find this date from either the Administration Station or Monitoring Station. On the toolbar, click Help and then select License. The SSA expiration date appears on this tab. A valid date is required to obtain upgrades. For expired dates, contact your local Software House Area Sales Manager.

Identify your current C•CURE 9000 version from either the Administration Station or Monitoring Station. On the toolbar, click Help and then select About. Information about your C•CURE 9000 system displays.

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