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Education Programs
Our Education Program specialists have decades of industry and product experience. They are the most qualified educators in the industry and thrive on the challenges of classroom and onsite technical training classes.
Personalized Service to Improve Efficiencies and Profitability

  • Creating the Next Generation of Experts
    Designed to make you an expert, these education programs will enable you to competently install, manage, program, configure and/or operate a wide range of solutions from Software House and American Dynamics.
  • In-depth Courses for System Managers
    In addition to teaching the skills required to configure, operate and maintain an access control or video system, you'll be able to configure cameras and security objects, generate reports, correctly backup information, and import/export cardholder records.
  • Hands-on Training for System Installers
    Hand-on courses are heavily focused on hardware and software labs requiring students to actually install, configure and troubleshoot controllers, readers, and recorders.
  • A Curriculum Designed for You
    Our intensive Software House and American Dynamics education programs are lead by the industry's most proficient security experts. We provide thorough training on end-to-end C•CURE installations, from hardware installation to advanced software integrations and enterprise architecture; plus, comprehensive courses on key video products including VideoEdge and victor, Intellex and more.
Available Collateral:

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