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28 September 2015
Tyco Security Products Introduces iSTAR Ultra SE with Scalable, Advanced Features

‘Ultra’ and ‘Pro’ modes provide system compatibility and future-proofing with support for 32 readers 

WESTFORD, MA, September 28, 2015 –– Tyco Security Products, part of Tyco, the world’s largest pure-play fire protection and security company, introduces iSTAR Ultra SE, a special edition iSTAR Ultra door controller that supports up to 32 readers, and combines iSTAR Ultra features with a ‘Pro mode’ that ensures flexibility and compatibility with all Software House systems. iSTAR Ultra SE is available in both wall-mount and rack mount configurations.

When used in “Pro mode”, the iSTAR Ultra SE has the same capabilities as the iSTAR Pro and is compatible with
C•CURE 800/8000 and C•CURE 9000 Security and Event Management Systems. In “Ultra mode”, advanced encryption, and wireless lock support are enabled and wireless locks can communicate with C•CURE 9000. iSTAR Ultra SE includes a hardened Linux embedded operating system for improved security and scalability.

iSTAR Ultra SE supports both traditional hardwired access control doors and wireless lock sets. It can manage up to 500,000 cardholders in local memory and employs two onboard gigabit network ports to provide  redundant  communications to the host. iSTAR Ultra SE also features AES 256-bit FIPS 140-2 network encryption, with custom key management and DoS protection to protect against potential network threats. Dial-up communications to the host is even available for those customers that require it.

“The calling card of iSTAR Ultra SE is its flexibility and compatibility,” said Rick Focke, Senior Product Manager, Tyco Security Products. “Whether a project calls for a controller with a smaller footprint, an upgrade from an earlier Software House controller, or when a project does not require the additional embedded lock power management, the features of iSTAR Ultra SE will fit the bill.”

iSTAR Ultra SE also supports peer-to-peer communications, which means controllers can communicate
with one another without needing host intervention. Other capabilities of the iSTAR Ultra SE include simplified network installation using DHCP and DNS, local and global anti-passback and area control features, and embedded intrusion zones. Custom keypad commands are also supported, which means events can be activated in C•CURE from the controller itself, and commands may be configured to require a card presentation or PIN to validate the command for use.

iSTAR Ultra SE’s Configuration Utility (ICU) reduces startup time by allowing users to view online controllers, change configuration parameters, and download new firmware from a single user interface. iSTAR Ultra SE is available as a wall-mount unit as well as a modular rack mount configuration, decreasing the space requirements and costs of installing a panel on the wall.

For more information about the iStar line of products, visit


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About Tyco Security Products
Tyco Security Products and its leading brands conducts business in over 177 countries around the world, in multiple languages and employs over 2,800 employees globally, including research and development, marketing, manufacturing, sales, service and logistics teams in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. Our products, built by developers from all product disciplines, consistently allow customers to see more, do more, and save more across multiple industries and segments including healthcare, government, transportation, finance, retail, commercial and residential.  Worldwide, Tyco Security Products helps protect 42% of Fortune 500 companies, transportation systems on five continents, 37% of the world’s top 100 retailers, over two million commercial enterprises, thousands of students in more than 900 educational facilities, and over five million private residences.



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